LFAS Student Cassidy Lynch sings Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”

January 5, 2011

Hidden Talents

At LFAS, students are sometimes stereotyped by their major. Many 
students are talented in the multiple arts offered at LFAS: Dance, Music,
Visual Art, Drama, Photography and Writing.

Cassidy has attended LFAS for three years and is 
currently in her grade ten year, studying drama. Despite her love for
 drama, Cassidy has an interest in another art, music. She is a 
talented young vocalist.

Cassidy has always had a love for music and singing. “When I
 wake up in the morning I have to sing; when I get home from school I
 have to sing; before I go to sleep I have to sing. It is a need.” For Cassidy,
 singing is freedom.

Before coming to LFAS, Cassidy had taken vocal lessons and 
said, “I had mixed feelings about it; when you’re in vocals, they make 
you sing the songs that they want you to sing.”

In grade eight Cassidy was enrolled in two majors, music and
 drama. Moving into grade nine, LFAS students choose one major. 
Cassidy had reasons for choosing to study drama rather than music:
 “Drama was really laid back; it wasn’t as structured as
 music where you had to practice at a certain time and do a certain 

Despite the fact that Cassidy studies drama as a major, she still 
loves music. She proved this by creating a Youtube video of her singing which she also posted 
on Facebook. After posting the video, Cassidy’s notifications blew up;
she was getting positive responses from almost everyone.

Cassidy is going to continue posting more videos on her Youtube
 channel. Her decision to continue posting videos was not because of the
 comments. “It’s not for attention, I just love singing.”

by Rebecca Nicolato


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