Mr. Oskarsson’s Biology 12 Class Dissects Pigs

September 3, 2011

Academics, Breaking News

Photographs by Sydney Gorden. (Warning: graphic photographs)

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A Biology class with Mr. Oskarsson is not complete until a couple ribs have been broken, and formaldehyde-drenched innards have been exposed.

The Biology 12 class had the chance to investigate the inner workings of fetal pigs as an introduction to human organ systems.  The class divided into lab groups, and delved in with scalpels and scissors. Students were dressed in their Halloween best – Pocahontas, a flapper, and an M&M were all present – and everyone was clothed as a mad scientist with a lab coat and latex gloves.

Some students were less than thrilled at the prospect of burrowing through the organs of a pig. I asked Robyn Stepto her opinion on why she didn’t like the dissection.

“Because it’s gross.” She said, “It wasn’t morally wrong, it was just nasty.”

Some people do find these dissections morally wrong, using fetal pigs could be considered the same as abortion; others, like Robyn, find it simply icky. There are also those like me, who think that dissections are fun opportunities for learning and invasive exploration.

Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny it won’t be a Biology class with Mr. Oskarsson without a limb being moved asunder.

by Grace Kennedy

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