November 6, 2011

The Parish


The sky collapses in on itself. The clouded heavens part.  Moon grinning. Stars winking. Fog swirls up around my ankles. The street lamps hum. Bleary shafts of light dissolving the haze.

The air is icy, flushing my cheeks. I feel eyes watching me. I shudder.

I start back  to home. I walk quickly, avoiding the shadows. My breath is grey ghost and I watch them dissolve.

I round the block and jog up to my house. I lock the door behind me. Gooseflesh pebbles my skin.

Mom is in the living room with the television turned to maximum volume.

                  She likes things loud.
Loud can be dangerous.

She calls for me and I grunt in response. A chill in my bones. An ache in my head.

I stagger to my bedroom. Locking myself away from the world.

I sag onto my bed, eyeing the Pre-Calc textbook. Something nostalgic pulls at my mind as I flip through the pages.
And then I surrender to my exhaustion.


The hinges of my door creak. I blink sleep from my eyes. A man stands in my doorway. Terror stews in my stomach.

The figure surges across the room. Hurling his body onto mine, claws scrapping down my arms.

I lash out. Kicking my feet. Sending him sprawling across the floor. 

I run past him. The inky smoke devouring me. My chest burns with breathless confusion.

The front door is gone. The windows glassless.
There is chaos.

Lithe human bodies with inflamed, intelligent eyes and bloody mouths, fill the foyer.

They stomp in hungry rhythms.
My family caught in their terrifying dance.
I do all that I can.




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