News from our Music Alumni: Alex Rempel

November 10, 2011

Alumni, Breaking News, Community, Music

What year did you graduate?


What was your major?


How many years were you at LFAS?


What have you done since graduating from LFAS?

I’ve moved to Victoria, and I’m currently in my last year of a music degree at the University of Victoria.

What is your favourite memory of LFAS?

Honestly, I can’t place a “favourite” memory of the school. I was just here for so long with so many experiences that I think it would be unfair and a little dishonest to try and pick a favourite. Suffice to say, the school was a wonderful place for me.

Looking back at your experience at LFAS, would you have done anything different?

No. Everything unfolded as it did and I’m content with how my life is unfolding.

What surprised you most about life after graduating from LFAS?

I think the oddest thing about life after graduation would have to be how much I found I loved grocery shopping. Just going to the market and thinking about all the things you can make to eat!

What has been your proudest moment since graduating from LFAS?

I volunteered at a music festival in Victoria in August, and after the final night of the festival most of the musicians and volunteers had a party. Of course, a jam session started almost immediately, and I got to play along on bass for a good amount of the night. Just being around the caliber of musicians that were present and actually playing with them definitely stands as a highlight of my time since being at LFAS.

What advice do you have for current students at LFAS?

In terms of career or job situations, do not do something if you don’t enjoy it. If you have a passion, pursue it – on the side if not as a focus – because it’s become more and more clear to me that that’s the only way you’ll be able to be truly happy with your life.

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