Sound Off! with Brooke Carr

November 24, 2011

Sound Off!, Writing


I open the drawer and retrieve my toothbrush, squirt some thick blue paste on the bristles and rinse it under the water. When I put it in my mouth, I close my lips around it but keep my tongue away. I brush back and forth on my gums and teeth slowly but gently, treating each tooth with care.

You pad into the room in your slippers and I groan because I know what’s coming.

You take your toothbrush out; it’s frayed and worn out from brushing your teeth too hard. You take the tube of toothpaste and squeeze it from the top, all over the sides of your toothbrush. You stick it in your mouth and begin to scrub your teeth. It starts out fine, until you turn on the water.

You let blue tinged foam fall from your mouth but you don’t lean over the sink. The spray of toothpaste goes all over the mirror, faucet and counter. You leave the tap on and the sink clogs up. Toothpaste drips past your fingers and down the sleeve of your pajama shirt. I have to look away.

When you finally finish, you turn the tap back off with wet hands leaving bubbles on the silver handle. You grab a large white bath towel and wipe your frothy mouth with it. No one wants to use that towel now. I take it and wipe the sink, then throw it in the dirty hamper.

I love you, but one thing I can’t stand is watching you brush your teeth.

by Brooke Carr
Writing Major 11/12

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