Our Heros! Mrs. Penner’s Grade 3’s Recycle

December 6, 2011

Elementary, LFAS Heros

“Its not a spell of recycling, its a spell of money.” This is Ms. Penner’s motto for the recycling program with the grade 3 class, our heroes for this month. Ms. Penner has founded an amazing recycling program which gets grade 3 children involved with not only helping the environment, but also understanding that everything they recycle benefits those in need.

As I walk down the hallway I am greeted by smiling children with plastic gloves and lot of blue recycling bins. “It’s a smelly job but they wash up and it gets done!” says their teacher.

The children are put in groups and they each clean out all of the recycling bins around the school. When I asked some students whether they enjoy the program they said, “Well, usually it’s fun but sometimes we have to dump out juice and its gross!” says Anna.

When I asked another student, William, why the program is important, he replied, “to make money and to help people.” Clearly, these students understand the message of the program. Both Zack and Alex agree that it makes them feel good after they have finished their jobs.

Their teacher, Ms. Penner, is certainly the driving force behind the project; she makes sure the children get everything done quickly and that everything that can be recycled is.

It is clear that this program will affect these children forever. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also it raises over $1000 each year for Project Kenya Sister Schools. The program bought sports equipment for a school in 2009, and desks in 2010.

Last year they also donated to World Vision and sent money to Japan after the devastating earthquake. Some of the money also goes toward the families in need at LFAS. When I asked the teacher if the children enjoy doing this program, she laughed and said, “they have to do it, but they have very good attitudes.”

It is clear that the new generation of LFAS students are finding great ways of caring for the environment and helping people. The next time you have a juice box or pop can to recycle make sure to take the straw out and put it in the garbage, and finish as much of the drink as you can, to make their job a little easier!

By Ashley Fraser
Grade 11 Guest Reporter

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