Power of One Girls’ Conference

February 24, 2012

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Primary counsellor, Ms. Orlando, and elementary teacher, Ms. Fengler, have careers that enrich and influence young lives in the elementary wing. On Friday, February 17, 2012, the two teachers organized the Power of One girls’ conference that was held in the Chief Sepass Theater.

Ms. Orlando began the conference at a school in Maple Ridge where she worked with a group of girls for a couple of years; they wanted to pay it forward. The theme for the girls is appreciating themselves as individuals and not downplaying their strengths. Since then, Orlando has done the conference three times, holding it once every two years.

This year, the Power of One conference focused on self-esteem, respect and awareness. Girls in grades three to seven were invited to the event. Orlando explained that “it only takes one to make a change in the world,” which was the motto for the conference.

The day began with a positive yoga session for one hour, ending with ten minutes of guided meditation led by Ms. Orlando, Cheyenne Whitburn, Hannah Wildeman and Camryn Longstaff.

“The yoga set the foundation for the day, and allowed them to connect mind and body while getting the negative thoughts out,” explained Orlando.

Ms. Fengler told BlueDog Press how wonderful it was to see all the girls together doing yoga in their little pink shirts. Fengler designed the butterflies on the back of the shirts and the poster seen in the front foyer of the school.

“The whole point of the conference was for each girl to realize how important they are and that every girl is beautiful,” says Fengler.

The grade six and seven girls split from the three, four and fives and went to the theater with life coach Tina Rayner, CEO of Rise To Shine Coaching to hear her story of living her truth and helped the girls see their truth using a simple kinesiology arm-strength exercise.  Rayner believes that girls today face social pressures that can negatively affect their self-esteem, body image, health, and their self-value. “Everyone deserves to live joyfully,” she said.

Meanwhile, the grade three, four and fives met with Ms. Fengler in the secondary art room to make beaded bracelets, which was an activity based around self-esteem and loving themselves. Each bead symbolized family, friends, and other important aspects in their lives.

Orlando was pleased to receive positive feedback from the conference; she appreciated all the volunteers who helped her put the conference together.  Grade seven student Taryn Gendron told Blue Dog Press what she got from the conference, saying she learned that “everybody is unique in their own way.”  She also enjoyed Tina Rayner’s talk, and learned a lot about thinking positively about herself.

by Arden Holmes

Photos by Samantha Kennedy and Alexi Hasel

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