Music Review by Adam Mah

With the release of their New Brighton EP just over four months ago, Said the Whale fans have been waiting eagerly for their full length album titled Little Mountain.

The opener, “We Are 1980,” talks about our technology-based society. “It’s the information age,” repeated near the end, sums up our internet-obsessed civilization. The second track on the album “Big Sky, MT” is a tribute to a grandfather teaching what seems to be his grandson about true love.

One of my favourite tracks on the album “Jesse, AR” is about a single guy named Jesse who moves to Edmonton, Alberta. It starts off with a delicate piano melody and then transitions into strong rhythm on 2 and 4 that is hard not to find yourself tapping your foot to.

The 12th track “Hurricane Ada” is a heavier track about Ben’s niece who was born during a hurricane and was then given the nickname Hurricane Ada. Track 13, “Safe Harbour,” flows right into “Lucky” which is one of the catchier songs on the album featuring claps and the unforgettable line, “We are lucky and we know it; we clap our hands to show it.”

Despite Said the Whale’s usual trade off of song leading between Ben and Tyler, the last track, “Seasons,” is written and sung by the drummer, Spencer. This song is the most notable for me on the album, not just because the drummer sings it, but because it really captures the feeling you get at the end of the album. “Seasons” seems so fitting due to the diversity in the album and how quickly the feel changes.

Little Mountain reveals growth in the band’s music but still preserves that poppy, signature Said the Whale sound. Whether you’re hearing about this band for the first time, or you’re an already dedicated fan, this album is a must have. It’s sure to be a hot contender for Album of the Year.

Adam Mah

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