Everyone is bawking about the show!

Everyone is bawking about the show!

Several chickens came out of their nests on Thursday March 8th during the grade 3’s chicken-themed show put on by the elementary major teachers. The show featured chicken jokes, chicken books, and chicken songs. The play was written and produced by grade 3 teacher Mrs. Mason. The students showed off their feathers twice in one day with an afternoon matinee and another evening show.

Mrs. Mason created the production and worked on it for about a year. She worked hard to create a role for every chick, and lines for them to learn as well as involvement in singing and dancing.  “My philosophy is that no one should be a tree” she says with a laugh, “so every child has to have lines.” She also made sure they were completely involved in the process which involved working on their own sets and making their own costumes in art. The parents were a great help as well, doing work for the slightly more dangerous tasks of hot gluing and hammering; however, the grade 3’s participated in every aspect that they possibly could.

Throughout the production of the show, however, there was some question of whether or not it would happen at all.

“It was touch and go and we had considered postponing the show but felt the kids would lose the momentum of being ready,” said Mrs. Mason.

With the strike and cuts to some of their major time it was difficult to bring everyone together. Mrs. Mason said that her biggest struggle during the process was finding enough time, and they often borrowed time from P.E. or class time  in the home stretch to make the production happen. In the end, the play went on with great success.

But even without the extra time, Mrs. Mason had faith that the show would be a great hit with the parents. “Eight year olds in chicken costumes, they could pretty much do anything,” laughs Mrs. Mason.

The day after the show the Grade 3’s celebrated their success with a well-deserved PJ day, creating booklets and keepsakes to remember their experience forever.

Story and photos by Lucy Clarkson

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