Elegy to a Sushi Restaurant

June 12, 2012

Editorials, Opinion

In the early hours of Sunday, March the 27th, Fort Langley lost a time-honoured tradition. For the students of Langley Fine Arts, the arrival of exams and extended lunches would prompt excursions to Sushi Ichi. Legions of hungry students and teachers would walk though the white door in hopes of steaming tempura and California rolls. The door-held bell would ring, and to the patrons, signify the arrival of another colleague in search of soy sauce and bubble tea.

That the dreams of these individuals be so denied by a consciously-struck flame that spread havoc to so coveted a place! That the business of tradition and teaching be disrupted by the idle flickering that led to such catastrophe. With the explosion of each propane tank, the rupture of every gas line, plans of studious children were forfeited. Every plank of wood reduced to cinder piled on the plates of hungry socialites. Years of tradition crumbled under the weight of a single match or lighter.

And yet that this should be the fate, to have the temporary closure be thrust upon the fragile town of Fort Langley. Already ravaged by the loss of another lunch-time haunt – the IGA burned down after an attempted break-in – can the full pockets and empty stomachs survive under such stressors? Can examinations and unsated cravings for Japanese cuisine be borne with the forbearance and fortitude required of such a situation?

Alas, that these times should be now. Alas, that this grievous affliction of a temporary closure should happen to the students, teachers, and citizens of Fort Langley. And, alas, that the owners of Sushi Ichi should have this action upon their shoulders, and their business stalled during an indeterminate period for restorations.

Yet, despite the tragedy, there are moments for which to be grateful. Fort Langley survived what may have ended as a Fire of London. For the preservation of the town, thanks must be given. For the continued future and tradition of Sushi Ichi, commendations reflected to the firefighters. And at this point, students must traverse other ways for food and felicity until such a time as tradition is returned.

Grace Kennedy

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