Dance Show – Student Choreography

June 14, 2012

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Both “Going to Blackout” and the Grad Dance Show were fantastic exhibitions featuring student choreography and student dancers. “Going to Blackout” featured choreography from all the dance classes, with dancers from Grade 8 to 12 preforming the work. The Grad Show showcased the graduate work, with large performances choreographed by Grade 12 dancers, as well as solo works.

The choreography had been in production since February, with the dancers working tirelessly before and after school, as well as at lunch. Their inspiration came from many sources – from loss, from first loves, from fear, from families left behind after 9/11. Others were inspired by celebrities, such as Beyonce, and video games. Some dancers discovered the music first and then choreographed to it.

The dancers were given room for artistic expression, though Ms. Wolski noted that the separation between teaching and producing is hard to follow. “I try to find a balance between teaching the tools of choreography and allowing the choreographers’ to express themselves,” she said. “This is sometimes a difficult line to navigate. I question their choices in order to find ways that their theme or intent is expressed as fully as it can be.”

The immense variety of dances was stunning – between upbeat showmanship, Broadway-style numbers, ballet set to non-traditional music, and emotional lyrical dances, the audience was sure to have a night to enjoy.

Grace Kennedy

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