Ms. Hall Retires

Ms. Heather Hall, who taught at Langley Fine Arts School for almost 20 years, has retired. Ms. Hall taught drama for 12 years and ran the school’s International Program for 17 years.

There were many tears as her students showered her with gifts, flowers and cards throughout the day. One student gave her a bouquet of 99 roses. The number 99 is significant in Taiwanese culture as it signifies “forever.”

Ms. Hall graduated from the University of Victoria in 1973. Her first teaching experience was at Aldergrove Elementary, where she taught grade 4. She went to Italy in 1978 and stayed for 14 years. There she began her own language school, taught at the University of Rome and started her own theatre troupe. She returned in 1992 and began teaching at LFAS in 1993.

Many of the ESL students saw Ms. Hall as their second mother. She was described as “charismatic, animated, influential, inspirational, generous, kind and mother-like.”

“A cake with a cherry on top,” said Yoon Sun Min.

Jane Lee, Cassie Kim, and Elaine Lee created two heart-warming videos for the retirement party and Weber Chen, who graduated in 2009, returned to DJ the music.

Ms. Hall has mixed feelings about leaving LFAS. She will miss the people and all the students and staff who have touched her, but she is looking forward to having the time to live her life without worrying about having to go to work every day.

Here are some of her plans: “I am going to travel to places I’ve always wanted to go. I’m going to Africa in July with Project Kenya Sister Schools. I am planning to stay in a restored castle in the heart of Chianti Classico Country in Italy in October.

I’m hoping to go somewhere hot for those long rainy Pacific coast winters. I will garden, go to the gym, learn new skills, visit art galleries, go to the theatre, get involved with my community, read books that have been on my ‘must read’ list for years, enjoy being around old friends and make new ones…

In short, I plan to LIVE.”

The staff, parents and students at LFAS wish Ms. Hall a much deserved rest and a retirement filled with a healthy mixture of excitement and sleep. We will miss her greatly.

Here is a video interview created by Cassie Kim and Elaine Lee:


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  1. Roy Gebiv Says:

    your age will b missed you will too


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