LFAS Grade 3’s Visit the Past

June 21, 2012

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Going back into time, the grade 3 students from Mrs. Mason’s class visited Lochiel Pioneer school and stepped through the doors into a 1924 one room school house. Slate boards, a dunce cap, and the dreaded strap were all brought to view for the surprisingly quiet, normally chatty eight and nine year old children.

Ringing the bell to mark the beginning of the school day, Miss. Lomas lined up the children into separate boy and girl lines and marched them single file into class. “There is a difference between being strict and being mean,” Miss Lomas explained to them. Miss Lomas was very strict, which meant there was a reason for discipline when it was needed.

“Sit up straight young man. Your body is perfectly capable of holding up your head without your hand to support it,” Miss Lomas corrected one boy.

Students in 1924 were never allowed to use slang words like “Yeah,” have their elbows on their desks, or speak casually in class. They stood to the right side of their desks to sing “God Save the King,” and had to answer all questions addressed to them with the answer followed by the teacher’s name.

The grade 3’s practiced Mr. McLean’s Muscular Method of handwriting, did classroom chores like fetch water and firewood, and swept the floor. They practiced multiplication, and spelling.

Parents attending were called “Repeater Students” and were called out for “wearing their husband’s trousers,” or for having lacquer on their fingernails. This delighted the students.

It was a privilege to go to school in 1924, and it was a great privilege to spend the morning with Miss Lomas at Lochiel Pioneer School.

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