September 16, 2012

The Parish


Everything has its end.
Even the paradox of death. But who would have thought it would take so long.

The dawn of time had omens, the ancient world had predictions.
We wrote books about it.
We watched movies on it.

But we never knew we’d succumb to the human condition,
The fault in our ways.
Rest assured we did not go quietly into the dark. Our struggle was great.

But how do you win a war against yourself?
The only way to eradicate cancer is to remove it. You can’t live with it.

Not. For. Long

How can you save the masses when they’re carcinogenic?

Metastasizing; infecting each organ, each country
Left in a state of misery, we’ve killed ourselves. 
 All we have left is the end…




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2 Comments on “THE PARISH- PROLOGUE”

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