Yeti at Langley Fine Arts!

October 29, 2012

Breaking News, Humor

A Yeti surprised the students of Langley Fine Arts by showing up this week after school was let out for the afternoon. It was a thrill for those who were lucky enough to see the timeless legend.

The elusive Yeti was seen coming from the forest, strolling across the soccer field and meandering into the empty classrooms. Those who saw it said it seemed curious and was looking carefully at everything it saw, although the creature made sure not to disturb any after-school activities or classes.

The majority of the students had left by the time the phenomenon appeared. Fortunately, a student passing by snapped some shots of the beast wandering into the school, documenting its visit to Langley Fine Arts.

Perhaps, if we are lucky, the Yeti will return someday.

By Ava Lapena and Charlotte Hunter.

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One Comment on “Yeti at Langley Fine Arts!”

  1. Jules Says:

    This is fantastic.


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