LFAS Young Blood for Life 2012

November 8, 2012

Breaking News, LFAS Heros

LFAS students, Lydia Rhi, Esther Rhi and Se Hee Eom, are planning to raise awareness for blood donations by initiating the LFAS Young Blood for Life 2012 campaign. Lydia Rhi and Esther Rhi responded to questions about their life-saving campaign and their future plans.

Q. What inspired you to start this campaign?

Lydia: My friend once suggested that I donate my blood. Back then, I had negative ideas about donating blood so I gave her several reasons why I wasn’t  donating blood. However, when she told me to go onto the website that dealt with blood donations, I found out that I could save a person’s life by spending 15-20min of my time. Not only that, I was fascinated that blood recycles every 3-4 months. In fact, the amount of blood we donate is the natural amount of blood dissipating after 3-4 months. So, why not donate blood to save people’s lives?

Q. Can you give some statistics about  blood donation?

Esther: Did you know that a teaspoon of blood can save a baby’s life? Moreover, one third of Canadians need blood. To make the statistics more personal, half of the people in a class of 30 students would a) need blood donation in their lifetime or b) have people around them who need a blood donation in their lifetime. Also, one donation can save up to 3 lives, but only 4% of Canadians actually donate their blood.

Q. How are you presenting ideas to raise awareness?

Lydia: Our group spent a lot of time deciding how to present our idea to the public. What we concluded was to approach the topic in a friendly, funny way.  As soon as donating blood seems like a hard thing to do, people are reluctant to participate. As a result, we ended up with a vampire theme. Not only it is an interesting subject, it also relates to our donation. First of all, it is easy to make connections with vampires and blood donations. Moreover, people fear donating blood in the same way they fear vampires. So, we thought that choosing vampire as our theme would raise awareness without pressuring people.

Q. What is your future goal? What is your upcoming event?

Esther: Our entire purpose is to raise awareness. We want to strongly encourage people to donate blood and suggest various ways to get involved. In order to do this and encourage LFAS to participate, we are planning to have two competitions, one for each semester, during 2012-2013.  The first semester would be students versus teachers/staff. The winning team would receive a surprise prize.

In order to verify if people have donated blood or not, when they go to the clinic, register using this number: LANG13404. For the younger grades, parents are able donate blood and register on behalf of their children.

Se Hee Eom

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