Artist of the week- Photographer

November 21, 2012

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Photographers are those who can capture both the most artistic and realistic moments of everyday life. The best photographers aren’t those who buy the most expensive equipment with excuses of using the “Manual” mode to sound more sophisticated and professional. It is those who strive to document the most tragic incident to the most valuable treasures.

Today, I will introduce a local artist, Mika Lim, who works as a photographer, graphic designer and a part time barista.

DH: What do you do for living?

– I’m a freelance photographer and graphic designer; I work as a Barista during my free time.

DH: Tell me how you got into your line of work.

-I knew a guy named Han who loved taking pictures in unique compositions and playing with them on photoshop. He loved taking pictures so much that he took his digital camera everywhere he went. I would sometimes play with his camera whenever he was done. I thought the camera was such a fun tool! One day, he asked me if I wanted to go to Japan with him. He said that he would teach me how to properly use a camera. After that, I bought my first DSLR. However, our trip to Japan got cancelled and Han had to go back to Korea due to personal reasons. All that was left in my hands was a DSLR that I barely knew how to use, but it was a lot of fun trying to figure things out by myself.  I  have been taking photos ever since which has lead me to who I am now.

DH: As a photographer, what makes an image a great photograph?

– Without a doubt, I would say that the composition would be the most important.

DH: There are billions of photos taken everyday in the world; do you think this has made your job easier or harder? and why?

– It hasn’t made it harder for me to work as a photographer. In fact, I would say many of the photographers around the world have inspired me, because even if I am just simply looking at their works, I am studying and analyzing their composition and exposure.

DH: What is photography to you?

– For me, photography is a story. Every photograph has a story. When I see all the photographs that I have taken up until now, I clearly remember those moments; they are a part of me.

DH: I have seen a lot of your photographs and I am personally a fan of yours, and I noticed that you do a variety of art works such as graphic design and photography. Can you describe the ways you work? For example conceptually, stylistically, or technically.

– When I do photography projects, I try to plan some of the possible compositions and concepts, but usually it doesn’t work. What really happens during photo shoots is that I just totally become a different person and see compositions that I would never have thought of.

Graphic design, on the other hand, is a bit different; it is more systematical. I conceptualize the idea, then I expand that idea and create many thumbnail sketches in my personal sketchbook. I then do something that is totally irrelevant such as cooking or playing guitar for a while. After some time, I come back and look at the work again and try to revise and analyze whether I made a good choice or not. Then I show it to clients or mentors for feedback and do a final revise.

The thing is, I used to believe that graphic ideas would come up at the last minute, but as I do more and more graphic design projects, I realize that it requires a process to successfully come up with the right result so that both the artist and clients mutually agree on the work.

DH: Who is your favorite photographer?

– My favorite photographer is Seung Han Choi because first, he is my photography mentor, and second, he is the one who successfully persuaded me to buy my very first camera. Every time I see his photographs, it amazes me how he uses light and composition.

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Dasom Ally Han

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