News from our Photography Alumni: Dayne Imbeau

What year did you graduate? 

I graduated in 2010.

What was your major while you were at Fine Arts?

When I started at LFAS in grade 8 I was a Visual Arts and Drama Major, chose Visual Arts as my singular major for grade 9 and 10, switched into Writing for grade 11, and finished off as a Photography major in grade 12.

How many years were you at LFAS?

All of high school, so 5 years.

What have you done since graduating from LFAS?

Since graduating, I’ve worked on my craft as a photographer as well as traveled a bit. I took a year off after graduation, working in Langley as well as having my first gallery show at The Watershed Cafe in Walnut Grove, selling my prints to a local interior designer, and I traveled outside Ellensburg, Washington for the Sasquatch Music Festival. In the fall of 2011 I started the Professional Photo-Imaging program at Langara College, and am still currently enrolled in it, graduating in the Spring of 2013.

What is your favourite memory of LFAS?

Being around so many different creative and passionate minds on a day to day basis was amazing. I think that is what makes LFAS the amazing place it is; the students and staff at the school seem to be inspired daily by all the different types of art created in it.

The different majors. I don’t think anyone I know would have produced the amazing work they did during high school if they had not been around the people that surrounded and supported them, while challenging them at the same time.

Looking back at your experience at LFAS, would you have done anything differently?

Absolutely not. As I mentioned before I switched my majors quite a bit but I think that’s part of going through LFAS; being able to try out 6 different mediums of art in depth and gain a better understanding of how it works in general, and more specifically how you work with it.

Now that I think about it, I never took a dance class. So I would have done that!

What surprised you the most about life after graduating from LFAS?

I was surprised with how much more I enjoyed my high school experience than most people I met. I think the arts classes at LFAS were a lot more open to interpretation and self expression than other classes seemed to be, and I think this helped the students get through school a lot easier. As well as the teachers at the school, without the staff that was there when I attended, I would not have done as well as I did.

What has been your proudest moment since graduating from LFAS?

Being accepted into the Photo-Imaging Program at Langara College was a big moment for me. The program only accepts roughly 30 people a year, with a graduation rate of roughly 50%, so I am very proud to have been accepted and to still be in the program.

What advice do you have for current students of LFAS?

Keep an open path of communication with your teachers; they are very understanding and have great advice. Take critiques as if you were a professional, refine your craft so it’s the best you can possibly produce, and find inspiration for your work in everything being produced in the school including other majors than your own.

All rights reserved by Dayne Tank Photography.

Interview by Cassidy Lynch

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