News from our Music Alumni: Eden Tremayne

December 5, 2012


702391_10152283302405500_24885412_nWhat year did you graduate?


What was your major while you were at Fine Arts?


How many years were you at LFAS?


What have you done since graduating from LFAS?

Not sure I really know how to answer this question. On paper I have received a Bachelor’s of Music in Opera from UBC and started my Masters in Music at UBC, however that is what I have achieved over the past four years and not what I have done. I guess what I have done is become an artist and am continually learning what that means for me …

What is your favourite memory of LFAS?

Performing was great, but having such great friends really made so many of the best memories!

Looking back at your experience at LFAS, would you have done anything differently?

None that I can think of, although I’m sure I would take back many of my outfits……

What surprised you the most about life after graduating from LFAS?

I don’t think there was really one thing that shocked or surprised me, I think life just kind of happens and you react to it accordingly.

What has been your proudest moment since graduating from LFAS?

I recently had the most amazing opportunity to make my solo debut with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra singing the role of Lisa from Lehar’s operetta Land of Smiles. Singing in the Orpheum and performing with such an amazing orchestra and conductor was so awe-inspiring and fulfilling!

What advice do you have for current students of LFAS?

It is so amazing that everyone at LFAS has such creative gifts, but it really is not enough if you want to pursue it. Getting by on talent alone may work for a while, but if you truly want to make it in the music business or any performing or visual art: practice, everyday! If you can picture yourself in another profession then do it! It is a really tough business and you should only do it if you cannot picture anything else for yourself. Also, it is such a blessing having so many opportunities with LFAS so take advantage of them to the fullest. Through those opportunities make as many connections as you can, it’s a lot about who you know in the arts! So make really good first impressions and always be ready to show your best side! Most importantly rejection is so much a part of this package, however let it make you work harder and as Steve Martin puts it “be so good they can’t ignore you”!


Interview by Cassidy Lynch

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