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December 12, 2012

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As National Portfolio Day quickly approaches, a day when students who wish to apply to arts programs in post-secondary schools  get feedback from admissions people on their portfolios, the intensity of creation is increasing in the art room.

On December 2nd, there was a 24 hour Art-a-thon, which meant a sleepover for Grade 12 students in order to work on their portfolio and art projects.

Advanced Placement art class is now getting prepared for interviews and presentations for portfolio reviews with admissions people. What does it take to be an art student and what keeps them going?


First of all, preparing a strong portfolio is the key. Portfolios should reflect concepts and ideas that students have explored and created in their art forms. Also, it can show the student’s specific interest and expose their personal stories. It is critical to present a powerful portfolio because this is what art schools consider for admission to their school. The student should be able to talk about their artwork eloquently. In order for them to do so, they need to have a clear understanding about their ideas and approaches toward  their art pieces. Thus, they need to do a lot of research about anything relevant to their concepts and keep records throughout the process in their sketchbook.


Also, including creative media experiments can make an impressive portfolio. If the portfolio shows the student’s ability to handle various media in both conventional and unconventional ways, it immediately tells people that the student can come up with limitless methods of working with materials. Here is some advice from grade 12 art major students who are currently preparing their portfolio:

Hongmin An – It really helps to develop your artworks based on your own experiences and since you have to think a lot before making anything, it is better to start early and spend a lot of time thinking. Then move on and work.

Kyle Kim – Try to talk to as many people as possible about your ideas and ask for advice. Never procrastinate and try to have a positive attitude. It is important to get used to taking critical feedback from your peers, even though it can be challenging.

Yoon Sun Min – Do a lot of research because it can give you clear ideas about where you want to explore. Start looking around to get better ideas about your passion and interest. Spending more time thinking about your ideas is critical because you can develop your works endlessly.


There are definitely many different areas in the arts that the students can pursue for their career, such as fine art, communication, graphic design, animation, fashion design, photography, industrial design and a lot more. Sometimes these broad choices can give some students a headache when they are planning to go to art-bound post secondary schools and are still undecided about which programs they should apply to. In this case, going to several university presentations  is a lot of help.


Fortunately, at the end of every year, admission people from post-secondary schools in the United States as well as in Canada visit Langley Fine Arts School to do their presentations as well as portfolio reviews with senior art major students. During their presentation, they explain the various programs they offer to their students and show examples of their students’ works. It does not only help students to get better ideas about which programs  they will possibly take, but also the schools that they will apply to because a lot of the schools have different strengths. Also, during the portfolio reviews, students can ask for a recommendation about which programs best suit them based on their portfolios. Likewise, researching schools and programs can help students plan their careers smoothly.


Even though it is natural for art students to get stressed out about the oncoming national portoflio day, while they are preparing for their portfolio, it is important to continuously remind themselves that they are simply stepping toward success for their passion. Also, they need to understand that it is not the time to become pessimistic, but the perfect time to share their ideas and get feedback from their teachers and peers.

by Jane Lee

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