A Day in the Life of Jennifer Shim – Blue Dog Press Contributor

Jennifer Shim - Photo Major

Jennifer Shim – Photo Major

I am Jennifer Shim and this is my day at Langley Fine Arts. A single day from LFAS is very different from other schools because it is a school that focuses on the arts and expressing oneself. I appreciate the days I spend in LFAS, but sometimes I don’t feel so thankful because it’s still school.

I start off my day with my first academic course – Biology 11 with Mr. Oskarsson. I think every class in biology is exciting, I learn something new every day, so I guess that puts me in a good mood. There are a lot of dissections in the class. I do feel terrible about cutting the animals open, but I find myself in awe every time. All living things surrounding our world are fascinating.

My second academic course is Social Studies 11, the most challenging and important course this year (because of provincial exams). Surprisingly, I enjoy this course because apparently I am ‘gifted’ in this area. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have difficulties: there is too much information to absorb and it seems that my brain has a limited capacity

My last academic course is French 11, which is a course I don’t take pleasure in. I dislike doing French dialogues. Also, because I have taken French Immersion throughout grade six and seven, it is too easy. I can’t wait until I am done with French!

My major, Photography, is the best part of my school life. In photo, there has never been a project I hated. I have passion for what I do in this major and I hope to involve photography in every aspect of my life. I appreciate that my teacher, Ms. Usher, provides the students with opportunities to experience photography to the fullest.

During this time of the year, most people are stressing over finals and provincial exams. I have an interesting personality. I stress over things a lot more than average people, so during this time, the pressure I am experiencing is more than I can handle. I am memorizing approximately 200 terms for Biology 11, Socials 11, and French 11; I am amazed that I haven’t gone insane yet.

The time I spend at LFAS is not just during class and lunch. I am involved in Blue Dog Press and the Senior Concert Band. I contribute at least 7 hours outside of school activities per week. In Blue Dog Press, the members work to make the smallest events and details in LFAS stand out. In concert band, students are able to work together to create music.

LFAS can be a place of exhaustion, but it is sometimes the only place I feel comfortable to express myself.

Jennifer Shim

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