Senior Funky Monkey: The perspective of a performer


On January 25th I, alongside my guitar playing friend Paiden Stanley, performed at the Funky Monkey with several other senior students. The two hour show featured various dancers, singers and group numbers, and allowed parents and peers to come out and cheer everyone on.

I will admit, I was terrified – only one other time had I gotten in front of a group of people and sang my heart out, and that did not go as planned. Let’s just say the event, with ten year old me standing in my best dress in a church stuffed with onlookers  involved many tears and a night that will always be engrained in my memory.

Even still, I was determined to conquer my fear and really step outside of the bedroom walls that were my comfort zone.

Sound check was scary, my eyes focused on the lyric filled paper held between my shaky hands. I was so nervous and felt unprepared for the real deal that was to proceed later on during the night, but after stepping off stage and back into the audience, I was greeted with friendly faces and open arms. I noticed that throughout the practicing and checking, everyone made each other feel right at home, taking away the nagging stage fright that consumed many with a replaced feeling of comfortability.

The night was truly amazing, and I am seriously in awe, and most of all proud of all the talent that was put on display and the supportive audience that onlooked.

Cassidy Lynch

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Photos by Ashley Fraser

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