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Ms.Preston is one of the Visual Art major teachers who is currently teaching grade 8 art, grade 10 art, and AP art 11 and 12. At the beginning of last year, she came to our school as an assistant teacher for the art major and before the summer of last year, she left our school after several months of teaching. Yet, after the summer, she returned to Langley Fine Arts school with a permanent position as a regular teacher, which was very thrilling for everyone.

On February 19, I spent a class with her in grade 10 art and what I found particularly interesting was that after about ten minutes of instruction, she allowed students to work independently on their art project. While the students were highly focused working, she was checking and editing students’ written assignments. Occasionally, some students came to her with some questions, and she was always open to answer their questions and discuss ideas with them.

It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the personal stories and unique perspective of the teacher that I admire. I am truly thankful to have her in the art department at Langley Fine Arts School and as one of the art teachers who is always cheering, inspiring, and motivating me to move forward with my art and as a person.

<Interview Questions>

1) Who are you currently teaching?

2) What did you think your life would be like when you were older?

3) Did you enjoy school? What kind of student were you?

4) What brought you to LFAS?

5) What was your first impression about LFAS?

6)How is it like to be an art teacher?

7) What are the struggles that you have had in LFAS?

8) What is the best memory in LFAS?

9) Which area of teaching do you feel the strongest sense of responsibility as a teacher?

10) How is actual art-making similar and different from teaching?

11) Any last comment?

Interview, Photos and Writing by Jane Lee

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One Comment on “Podcast – Interview with Ms. Preston”

  1. elainepelz Says:

    Art teachers are fabulously inspirational! Thanks for posting this.


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