A Day in the Life of Yejee Pae – Blue Dog Press Contributor & Visual Art Major

March 13, 2013

Arts, Community

Bluedog Portrait

Hello, my name is Yejee. It’s pronounced like Wedgie with a “Y.”  I’d like to tell you a bit about my daily life at the Langley Fine Arts School. My day begins by waking up frantically and getting ready for school in a matter of thirty minutes. I rarely have time for breakfast, so I’m always struggling to keep my stomach quiet during my morning classes.

My first block is Pre-Calculus 11, which is taught by the great Mr. Purdy. As a visual arts major, pre-calculus, or math in general is not a required course. Most would take Foundations 11, which is easier; however, I recklessly decided to take the more advanced math class, thus increasing the amount of effort I need to put into achieving a good grade. The formulas are understandable, but bothersome, only because I need to use all the elements of math that I have learned in previous years to solve the problems given.

The second academic course I take is Chemistry, which is taught by Mr. Oskarsson. He is a great teacher and he has a cute sense of humor that his students enjoy. I did not know that chemistry involved a large number of calculations. I have come to discover that Chemistry 11 is an easy course, only if you understand the material taught.

I take part in three electives: Photography, Advanced Placement Art, and Blue Dog Press. I have always enjoyed photography, because there are so many benefits to knowing the tools for taking a good picture and knowing how to edit it and make it professional; it is a form of art that has always been a wonder to me.

Advanced Placement Art is just as challenging as it sounds. The course really stretches our ability to generate ideas and it helps to increase our knowledge and technical skills in art making. It is one of the courses I love and dread simultaneously, because it can sometimes be very stressful when I have a short timeline to generate a good piece for my portfolio, but these experiences and challenges are great because it prepares us for post-secondary and its challenging courses.

Blue Dog Press takes place every Wednesday after school from 4:30 to 7:30pm in the evening. It is a wonderful class with the opportunity to enter the realm of journalism and really delve into the LFAS community. It is a particularly open class, which gives us the responsibility to find stories and events we wish to publish onto our online newsletter, and receive credit for what we are enthusiastic about. I love this class because it gives me a chance to socialize as well as improve my writing, interview and video skills. I also get to experience a little bit of what working as a journalist may be like.

I am absolutely blessed to have a resource block, and lastly, I have art, which is taught by Mr. Sarganis. It is a rather relaxing block compared to the others that I take, which is a relief since it is the last block of the day. There are lots of interactions with my friends during the class as we work on the projects that Mr. Sarganis assigns. We give each other feedback and critique one another to make each piece stronger.

When all is finished at 3:07 and the bell rings to our favour, I go home, eat some food as I socialize on the internet, and enjoy the occasional nap. That leaves all the work to do late into the night, which will be followed by another frantic morning and a long educational and interactional day at Langley Fine Arts School.



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