How to Use Diana F+

March 13, 2013

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Se Hee Eom

Photo by Se Hee Eom (taken at night)

Are you afraid to damage your expensive camera?

Are you constantly worried that you’ll lose the priceless device?

Well, here is a solution for you: Buy a toy camera. It is inexpensive, fashionable, experimental and plastic.

People might think that toy cameras are meant for children, but in reality, there are many professional photographers using these cameras to exploit distortions and explore alternative moods for their images. There are many types of toy cameras: Holga, Diana, Oktomat, LIFE etc. However, today, I am going to specify the usage of Diana F+.

Diana F+ includes a flash which can also tint the image with colour gels covering the flash. Actually, the images could be different shades of red, blue, yellow and green depending on the colour gel  being used. With these colour gels, people can freely express and be experimental.

Even though Diana F+ is designed for 120mm film (medium format film), regular 35mm film can be also used. To give an example, the two images on the article are taken with 35mm film. Usually, the images with 35mm film tend to be horizontally longer than the ones using regular film camera. Here is a video clip from youtube “How to take 35mm with Diana F+”

If using 35mm film is easier for you, you can purchase a 35mm film holder that attaches to the back of the camera which would enable Diana F+ to work as a regular film camera.  There are also accessories such as an instant film back holder that can attach to the Diana F+ which will transform the camera into a polaroid camera. All these accessories can be bought at stores or on the internet.

For the shutter speed, there are two settings; N & B; N stands for normal which has 1/60 shutter speed and B stands for bulb which would allow the shutter to be opened as long as people press the shutter.

Bulb is used for long exposures.  Moreover, it has four aperture settings; sunny, cloudy, partially cloudy and pinhole. Each has an aperture of f22, f11, f16, f150. Furthermore, the camera can focus on three different distances: 1-2meters, 2-4 meters and 4- infinity meters. By adjusting the shutter speed, aperture and focus, Diana F+ can have precise and clear images in a stable state while taking pictures.

Last but not least, Diana F+ allows the film to wind as short or as long as a photographer wants, so double/triple exposure with overlapping images can be created. These factors allow Diana F+ to be versatile.

I highly recommend  Diana F+ for various reasons. First, it is affordable and easy to manipulate. Since it is not a costly device, people tend to be more experimental and take advantage of it to create phenomenal images. Also, there are various designs that you can choose to personalize your camera. By searching on the internet, people can find numerous designs that suit their own style rather than having a dull black camera that looks the same as other cameras.

However, the most important aspect of having this camera is that by controlling shutter speed, aperture, focus and winding, people actually learn how to use a camera. Nowadays, people just “click” and take photos rather than taking time and effort to create one spectacular image. By using a toy camera with film, people fully understand how the camera works and how the shutter speed, aperture, ISO (film has a fixed ISO)   relate to one another. Hence, people experience “true” photography.

I think people who are interested in photography should try these little cameras to get a sense of what photography is all about. It is the creation of art using light, medium, subject and camera features.

Post / Photos by Se Hee Eom

Se Hee Eom – Movement

My experience with Diana F+

The image above is a work dedicated to Rob Stewart. When I was at the Vancouver Aquarium during the photo major’s field trip, I wanted to portray how much energy and movement the fish have. In order to do this, I needed a long exposure with an experimental mood. Therefore, I took this photo with Diana F+ to create softness and vibrant movement  at the same time.

————————————————————————————————————–These images are from photography majors taken with toy cameras (Se Hee Eom, Britt Fraser, Kim Figura, Sam Kennedy, Graham Thorton)

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