Introducing the Polaroid Camera

April 24, 2013

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IMG_9968Polaroid cameras are instant film cameras introduced in early 1963 by its creator and inventor, Edwin Land.

Though technologies are growing fast and there are many available DSLRs and film cameras, polaroid is still high in demand due to its essence, style, and accessibility. It has become more than capturing the moment for the purpose of recording; it has become an artistic way to represent creativity and ideas.

The Polaroid camera is classified by the type of film it uses.

lego_polaroid_01In the beginning, it came with two rolls (positive and negative), which were loaded into the camera then pulled out by the photographer for development. Then the positive was peeled towards the end of its process to create an image. However, now it comes in packs which gets rid of the long process and develops an image.

SX-70 is the most popular instant camera that has ever been produced by Polaroid. Its films were discontinued in 2008 and they closed down their factories which left Fujifilm to be the only film company to make the instant film. However in 2009, Polaroid announced their comeback. You can still find the SX-70s on eBay or any online camera store; however it is not cheap. The  films are usually 20 dollars for 8 exposures.

There are other instant cameras that are non-Polaroid. Polaroid cameras come from a company called Polaroid; however, many people still think that most instant cameras are called polaroid. Fujifilm and Kodak also produce instant cameras and instant films.


Instant cameras have many uses. The original purpose of instant cameras was motivated by Jennifer Land’s question to her father (Edwin Land): “Why can’t I see them now?” Many people enjoy seeing their faces in a warm square within a second of shooting. Other than their usages of ID photos, and passport photos, they are also used by many artists who want to promote their products. For example, many fashion designers use instant cameras to visually lay out their models and their products. Photographers use instant cameras as a way to deliver their message. Old film has the essence that can not be recreated digitally.

The Polaroid company has introduced their new digital instant cameras. Its design is similar to the SX-70 with a white body and rainbow strip. It is exactly like the old instant cameras except the images are taken digitally. It’s 300 dollars and stores up to 10 images in its memory card. Here is a video on the introduction of the new Polaroid camera.

The Polaroid camera is evolving over time and its style and usage are impressing its fans and users. Its products are developing over time and all the fans are looking forward to seeing their new addition soon in the future.

By Dasom Han


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