My big, fat, European spring break.

April 24, 2013

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On a bright Friday morning, kickstarting spring break, myself, along with about forty parents, staff and students packed the school bus with luggage. Our bodies were fueled with caffeine and pure adrenaline. The destination? London.

Our plane touched down in Frankfurt. After a long journey through Germany, with time changes galore, we were finally there in the heart of England. The itinerary for the trip was filled to the brim, including several museum and gallery tours, five plays performed in the West End, a tour of the Globe Theatre, and a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace just to name a few things on our crazy-to-do-list.

And of course, to satisfy all the girls’ passion for fashion, there would be lots and lots of shopping. Then in a week’s time we ventured on the Eurostar to Paris for the weekend, where we learned the (delicious) reason why the French love their crepes.  I was also finally able to tackle my fear of heights by climbing the Eiffel Tower.

Once we landed back in Vancouver I was greeted by the familiarity of home. Unfortunately, the jet lag followed me off the plane. All aside, it really was, as my mother described it, “the trip of a lifetime”, and worth every penny saved.

Cassidy Lynch


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