Drama Nights at LFAS

May 22, 2013

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On the evenings of May 14th to 16th, the drama students merged together for the year end show.

The show, which showcased scenes ranging from serious to hilarious, was the final product of just several weeks of practice. The grade 9’s performed 10-minute short skits, and the grade 10s presented “Cut”, a play by Ed Monk. The grade 11’s and 12’s as well took part in the three night festival,pushing their talents further in writing, directing and performing their own one act plays.

Overall, the stresses and hard work of pulling together a show with limited time  paid off, resulting in a show that was nothing short of impressive.


Grade 11 and 12 One Acts:

A Day at the Gym – Ben Evers-Staples and Ingrid Libera

Detention – Sam Barham, Cassidy Lynch, Megan McKinnon and Abby Smith

Monster Hunters – Liam Bunyan, Jacob Pedersen and Lauren Wade

Midnight Shopping – Ben Evers-Staples, Natalie Sweeney, and Leyland Warkentin

Dude, You Crapped Out – Carl Davies, Shanaya Smith and Jordan Tao

The Machine – Sydney Gobin, Sarah Quinn, Risa Venuto and Amy Weir

Sorry – Jenna Andres and Eli Hewlett

Letters to Dylan – Evan Holzer and Sam McQuade

Unwanted Guest – Jeff Brimancombe, Marissa Davies, Brett Savage and Mikeyla Towler

Walking After Midnight – Denbigh MacIntosh

Thrift Shop – Drey Bombardier, Jeff Brimacombe and Landen Matechuk

Disconnected – Kylee Dawson, Ashley Fraser, Emily Gilmour and Ethan Madakoro

Suppressed Anger – Dana Bron and Derek Everard

Room 517 – Taylor Bischler and Abby Smith

Orange – Annie Bellis, Remi Haida, Mikayla Paller and Julie Rhodes

Casual Craigslist – Magena Carlson-Rink and Trevor Marsh


Story by Cassidy Lynch



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