Fashionistas of the Week

May 29, 2013

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Kandiss Wright
Hello everyone. Here are this week’s fashionistas of the week; we have some diverse people today. This week’s photographer was Sophia Cho and Jennifer Shim.

The weather has been getting gloomy these days, but that does not stop LFAS students from wearing summer attire. Also on Friday, May 17th, grade 12 students had their portfolio interviews in the library. Sofi Kim (grade 12) wore a pink blouse, a cardigan and black pants for this occasion. She wore black Oxford shoes which are very comfortable and go with almost anything in your closet.  We can also see Sarah Jeffery wearing grey Oxford shoes as well in this post. Sofi has done a fabulous job with cordinating her shoes and pants.

Kandiss Wright wore a formal outfit for this occasion. She is wearing red pants, white sweater and red scarf. We can see the repetition of colours on Kandiss. Here’s a tip: when you are color coordinating with repetition it is key to always wear something that will distract you from the vibrant color. Kandiss, in this case, wore a white sweater which allows us to rest our eyes from the brightness of the red.

Throughout the week, we noticed a lot of jean jackets and jean shorts. “Wash Out” is the next trend. Washed Out jean shorts and deep blue jackets look great on any summer outfit. We live in the Lower Mainland where weather is unpredictable. The weather goes from hot to cold and back and forth every day. Bringing a jacket is a good idea to be fashionable and warm. Jean jackets look great with any tank top, shorts or shoes.

Thank you for reading Blue Dog Press and Fashionistas of the week.

By Dasom Ally Han





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