Grade 4 Student Beats Teacher At Math Drill


Students in Ms. Goulet’s grade 4 class were amazed when Holden Emery beat their teacher in a “Beat the Clock” math drill contest. Over the last two weeks, the students have been competing for prizes by testing their speed and accuracy with multiplication.

They had 5 minutes to answer 100 multiplication questions. Scores were based on who finished first and points were deducted for incorrect answers. Ms. Goulet wrote the test as well and challenged the class to beat her speed and accuracy; the math whiz who did this, she promised, would win a spectacular box of felts.  And this is exactly what Holden did.

Little did she know that this could actually happen. Even though she finished first, Ms. Goulet made an error and this put Holden in the lead.

“I thought that I was invincible,” says a shocked Ms. Goulet. “I couldn’t believe it when Mari told me that I had made a mistake! I’ve always been great at my times tables; this is so embarrassing. I guess that I better stop showing off and slow down,” she laughed.

The ecstatic Holden was swarmed by his classmates and carried on their shoulders in a victory march. Shouts of “Holden’s number one!” could be heard all over the school.

After the initial shock of losing to a 10 year old wore off, Ms. Goulet said that she is happy for Holden and is very proud of him. Holden’s hard work has really paid off.

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