Best of Grad 2013

June 21, 2013

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On June 11th, 2013, LFAS grad students organized a show called “Best of Grad,” showcasing their best performances of the year to their peers and the audience. The show included drama, dance, photo, writing, music and visual art.


1. Drama – Elevator – Remi Asha Haida Dana Bron, Sarah Quinn
2. Drama – Subway Pregnancy – Amy Weir, Sydney Go, Ashley Fraser
3. Drama – Gynaecologist Office – Landen Matechuk, Natalie Sweeney, Jenna Andres, Risa Venuto, Lauren Wade
4. Drama – Camp Waka Waka! – Landen Matechuk, Ashley Fraser, Natalie Sweeney, Risa Venuto

Musical Theatre – The Book of ______ – Created by Patrick Arnott, Taylor Bishler, Ben Comin, Brook Carr, Ben Evers-staples, Kylee Dawson, Ashley Fraser, Remi Haida, Alexy Hanson, Hannah Jeffrey, Emma Johnston Hailey Oosthoek, Yuriko Uekusa, Leyland Warkentin


1. Dance – Brothers in Arms – Bram Herndl, Ben Comin, Jordan St-John
2. Dance – Despondency – Alyssa Tavares Ben Comin, Yi an Chen, Meghan Ford, Jessicah Eppich, Alanna Koolen Tianna Selleti, Cathy Oh, Brooklyn Robb, Aslan Voth
3. Dance – Life Could Be… – Beniamino Comin
including, Ben Comin, Patrick Arnott, Bram Herndl, Jordan St John, Alexy Hanson, Yuriko Uekusa, Yian Chen, Erin Mozel
4. Dance – Congratulations – Meghan Ford, Raychel MacAuley, Hannah Wildeman, Jada Gold, Aslan Voth
5. Dance – A and I – Bram Herndl and Jordan St John


1. Writing – Suspended – Maddy Bombardier
2. Writing – Fisherman’s Bags – Hailey Rain Anne Oosthoek
3. Writing – Untitled – Brooke Carr
4. Writing – CCB – Roz Yazdenmehr
5. Writing – Original Song – Duncan Lee

1. Music – King of Spain – Aidan Hoffman, Keanu Howarth, Adam Mah, Logan Ennis
2. Music – Django Unchained – Deven Azevedo, Hamish Frayne, Aidan Hoffman, Brock Phillips – Hing
3. Music – Hearts on Fire – Adam Mah, Brock Phillips Hing
4. Music – Acoustic Fury – Faith Gole, Ilya Zalubniak

The Grads closed the show with some dancing lead by Risa Venuto and Remi Haida. It was inspired by a YouTube video known as the “Evolution of Dance” where hit music from the 90’s was spliced together with the dance moves of the time.

The show was a great success especially as it was the grads’ very last show.

By Ashley Fraser and Cassidy Lynch
Photos by Sehee Eom and Dasom Han


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