LFAS Commencement 2013

Langley Fine Arts School celebrated the first graduating class of the new millennium on June 12th, 2013.

The evening contained tribute performances from the grade elevens to honor the grade twelve students. Performances included the grade eleven drama majors rendition of “Bad Bunnies,” a play performed and written by the grade twelves two years earlier. Jessika Eppich, Erin Mozel, Jessy Choi and Cathy Oh represented the dance majors with a reflective choreographed piece.

For the writing major tribute, Annabelle Angle wrote and performed a rap-turned-slam poem called “Illiterate” and Sean Watson played guitar and recited an original poem. Chamber choir sang a beautiful song to honor the music majors, while the art and photo majors compiled slideshows with the best work from each of the grads this year.

Book Awards were given to students with the highest overall mark in their grade twelve classes. This year the awards included:

English 12 and History 12 – Hamish Frayne

English Literature 12 – Sofi Kim and Ashley Fraser

Foundations of Math 12 – Emma Johnston

Pre- Calculus – Ben Evers-Staples

Biology 12, Chemistry 12 and French 12 – Deven Azevedo

Comparative Civilizations 12 – Faith Gole

Along with many other scholarships, these awards are regularly given out each year at the Commencement:

Nick Schilbach Memorial Award – Jane Lee

Cale Caputo Memorial Scholarship – Brock Phillips-Hing

Golden Tree Achievement Award – Deven Azevedo

Governor General Award for the Top Student In Canada – Grace Kennedy

The selection for valedictorian differs from other schools as it is voted by the students’ peers, and based on dedication and passion to their major. The following valedictorians were asked by their classmates to speak on behalf of their major:

Music – Deven Azevedo

Drama – Risa Venuto

Writing – Brooke Carr

Dance – Patrick Arnott

Photo – Graham Thorton

Art – Jane Lee

Story by Cassidy Lynch

Photos by Jennifer Shim and Sophia Cho

Videos and Editing by Yejee Pae


Dance Major – Patrick Arnott

Photography Major – Graham Thornton

Drama Major – Risa Venuto

Writing Major – Brooke Carr

Art Major – Jane Lee

Music Major – Deven Azevedo


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