The Truth and Reconciliation Convention at Pacific Coliseum

September 30, 2013

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I had the privilege of attending the Truth and Reconciliation convention at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver on September 18, 2013 with Ms. Carnrite and Ms. Slater’s First Nations 12 class. It was unlike any other field trip. When I returned, I was a changed person, along with many others.

The main focus of this convention was the trauma and pain carried by the children and families of the First Nations peoples of Canada who were forcefully taken from their homes and placed into residential schools across Canada for almost the entirety of their childhood, sometimes up to ten years.

Healing was and still is needed for thousands. Within a matter of four days, during the process of this convention, many have finally come to a sense of peace in their hearts.

The moment I stepped foot into the convention I was floored at what I saw. Over 5000 people were in attendance, including high schools that traveled as far as Duncan, B.C to hear the stories of elder survivors and the families of those who were affected traumatically by the events that occurred from the late 1800’s until 1996, which was when the last Residential school in Canada closed its doors for the last time.

After spending an entire day listening to elders share their stories and participating in different healing activities such as art and meditation, my emotions were on a roller coaster.

The heart-wrenching stories I heard by different tribal groups from the Metis to Cree first nations are things I cannot repeat on a school website.

My heart breaks for these people. I had always known of Residential schooling, but hearing the stories directly from the survivors gave me a completely different outlook on these tragedies and the prices people had to pay for their cultural beliefs.

It’s something I will never forget, watching survivors struggle to let the words of their childhood leave their mouths. I admire these people very much; the courage it must have taken them to stand in front of a crowd and tell stories that were meant to be forgotten requires bravery and confidence.

I am blessed to have been a part of the remembering and retelling of these stories.

Photos and Story by Lexy LaRose

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One Comment on “The Truth and Reconciliation Convention at Pacific Coliseum”

  1. Irene Says:

    Well done! Very informative 🙂


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