What is Blue Dog Press?

What is Blue Dog Press? Also known as Mind The Gap, Blue Dog Press is a student run newspaper in the form of a website. 

Blue Dog Press has been running since 2011; the founding members were Grace Kennedy, Elizibeth Ashton, Arden Holmes,  Cassie Probert and Lucy Clarkson. These people helped shape the Blue Dog of today and planted the seeds of development and progression for future generations of students to blossom.

On a large scale, it is helpful in preparing students for real life social experiences. This includes dealing with deadlines, interviewing skills,  computer catastrophes, working independently and leadership skills…

Most of the course activity occurs in Room 92 every Wednesday after school. It is sponsored by two LFAS teachers, Ms.Knittel and Mr.Ames. The Blue Dog staff produce many different types of media weekly such as interviews, photo essays, and videos to represent the numerous school events…


Unexpected problems occur during every class. Cameras and laptops get lost, certain files refuse to be imported, and sometimes whole projects that are ready to be uploaded disappear. Students ask for help if it is tech issue, or they start everything again if they fail to recover files. Students are often faced with challenges; therefore, they need to train themselves to work past these problems.

After a year at Blue Dog Press, students are on their way to becoming twenty-first century journalists who can write, take pictures, create videos, record podcasts, and conduct interviews.

Yoobin Park, Sue Moon, Gemma Rance, Bryce Larson

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