Ceramic Course at LFAS

May 28, 2014

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Ceramic and Sculpture is an art elective, run by Ms. Bennett. The course is available for grades 9 to 12. Students use materials like clay, glaze,  and found objects as well as various tools. Approximately four to five different projects are assigned throughout the course. I have taken this class three years in a row and have grown to love ceramics.

I get to experience the cool, pliable, muddy texture of the clay in the palm of my hands. Then I proceed to create as I will. After that, I refine and carve the surface of my creation if necessary. When the piece is completely dried, it is fired in the kiln in unbelievable heat with Ms.Bennett’s help. This completes the first process of pottery, the stage of bisque. After my bisque is completed, I am not able to further edit its form. At this time, I ¬†glaze my pottery.

A normal glaze gives my pottery a shiny, smooth surface while an underglaze results in a matte surface. If the process of drying of pottery were to malfunction in the slightest, the pottery would crack, possibly to pieces. This goes to show how much pottery is a process reserved for patient artists.

Photo and article by Sue Moon

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