Athletics in LFAS

June 4, 2014

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There are many misconceptions regarding the athletics at any school. The difference here? We’re Langley Fine Arts School. However, there are many students who balance their majors along with after school sports teams and other physical activities.

In many of the different majors there is a certain need for physical fitness, whether it be the drama majors doing clowning and stage fight exercises, the art majors spending hours on their feet organizing the gallery and, of course, the dance majors, who rehearse at least an hour a day during the week with many involved in companies outside of school.

Here some grade 9 students enjoy healthy competition in dodgeball and a game which involves each student tying a flag around their waist and attempting to capture them from other students while keeping their own flag safe…


As this is a post about athletics at  LFAS we wanted to hear from a P.E. teacher.
We asked Mr. McNeil a couple of questions:

1. Did you do any extra-circular sports as a kid?

Yeah I did a lot of things, like volleyball, soccer, badminton and rugby, and it was a lot of fun.

2. What’s it like to be a physical education teacher at an art school?

Knowing from colleagues and friends who’ve worked at other schools that there’s positives and negatives. The great positive is that everyone’s willing to participate. Few co-ed classes exist in the province and I’m very glad to say everyone gets along well, and there hasn’t been any real problems between the boys and girls.

We asked both students and teachers a few questions regarding physical activity, and whether or not arts and sports are linked at Langley Fine Arts.

All the majors, dance, drama, art, photo, music and writing, help kids to build specific skills that allow them to work well as a team during high-pressure situations – just like an intense sports game.
Dance Major and dance elective students found that skills they’ve acquired have really aided them in staying healthy and in shape.

Drama helps kids with performance under pressure skills.

Art Majors think outside of the box and problem solve.

Photo Majors go with the flow and are always on their toes.

Music students spend weeks learning and perfecting songs and pieces.

And Writing, well a few writing majors told us that once upon a time they tried to have a bloodthirsty Quidditch team but became too exhausted and decided to sit down and write about it.


by Mason Block, Emma Irvine, Erin Kwon, Amy Lee and Cassidy Lynch



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