The International Students of LFAS

June 13, 2014

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plural noun: tongue-twisters
  1. a sequence of words or sounds, typically of an alliterative kind, that are difficult to pronounce quickly and correctly, as, for example, tie twine to three tree twigs.

At LFAS we decided to compare two different cultures and languages through the art of tongue twisters.

How well do you know the international students of LFAS? If your answer was not very well, or you just want to see an interesting video, then you should watch the international student interview. A few of our high school international students answered some of our questions about their new life in Canada. This video tells you where some of our students are from, how they like it in Canada, what challenges they have to face, and differences in their cultures. It also shows how greatly diverse our international program is, what life is like for an international student in Canada, and what it is like to be an international student, specifically at LFAS.



Artistic, diverse, motivated. These are only some of the words to describe the international students of LFAS. Behind the door of room 91 there lies a different side of our school. Culture, food, language and many more things make an environment that our international students can call home.

The international students pay approximately $12,000 per year to the provincial government in order to attend school in British Columbia. This, of course, is not including the living expenses and cost of food. In exchange, our school also organizes field trips and activities to give international students a full experience while living in Canada, free of expense, on most occasions. This varies from trips to Playland on Halloween, to a day long journey to a go-karting race track.

As of now, there are approximately 50 international students attending Langley Fine Arts, each with a story. Some have been home-staying for years, some live with their families, some are waiting for approval of immigration and some come not knowing what to expect at all. Through all uncertainty and foreignness of the environment, our international students always seem to persevere.

In order to further understand and try to fortify the connection between the cultures, our Blue Dog group set out to make an effort to learn more about the diverse crowds of students at LFAS.

We realize that their thoughts and feelings are much the same as anyone else, though in different languages. Although their differences may be a barrier, we’d like to encourage more interaction with people who are just like them.

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