LFAS Student Celebrates Book Publication

October 22, 2014

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EmmaIrvine LFASBluedog

Langley Fine Arts School student, Emma Irvine, self published her first novel, “In Perpetuum,” on October 2014. Emma began writing at the age of 11, and hasn’t stopped since. She is currently a drama major at LFAS, but hopes to become a writing major in her  grade 11 year.  LFAS Blue Dog reporter, Taylor Testini, interviewed Emma:


How many years have you been going to LFAS?

I’ve been here since first grade. I’m a fine arts veteran. *laughs*


What do you love most about LFAS?

I feel this is a really great environment to grow up in. There is so much support for your arts and passions. We have so many opportunities here.


What books/authors do you think influenced your writing?

John Green was a big one. His books were the first realistic fiction that I read and loved.


Do you see writing as being your future career?

I do. This is really what I want to do with the rest of my life. My plan is to keep writing, keep publishing, hopefully make a name for myself and be able to keep doing it.


You mentioned that you were want to be a writing major in your grade 11 year at LFAS. What are you most looking forward to?

Being able to write as a major. I love drama, but writing is really what I’m passionate about. I’m really excited to just be able to actually write. Not just English essays, because I don’t enjoy those. *laughs* I’m definitely looking forward to being part of the writing major family.


Is there a message in your novel that you want your readers to grasp?

To appreciate what you have and to always be conscious of your fortunes and misfortunes.


What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Character development was really difficult. Finding characters that clicked and worked. Making sure that they actually seemed like realistic people, and weren’t just figments of my imagination. Trying to give characters depth, without stereotypes, was difficult for me. But once I found it, it flowed really nicely.


So you’re 15. Not many writers get published at 15. What was that like?

It’s a self publication with a company called Xlibrus. I’ve published poetry and stuff before, but the novel was a whole other thing. I tried to go around and find publishers who were interested and I ended up with Xlibrus. It took about a year of editing, and they put up with my constant roadblock. They were constantly saying, “When’s the book gonna be ready!?” and I would reply, “Just give me another month, it’ll be fine!” And that went on for about 12 months. *laughs*  It was a long process; a lot of rewriting and a lot of collaboration. And then as soon as we got into cover design and all of that stuff, it went pretty fast.


How did you come up with the title?

It actually had eight different titles. I was coming up with the beginning titles when I was eleven.The first title for it was, “Blood Stained Converse.” That title is now cringe worthy to me. *laughs* In Perpetuum means forever in latin. I just really wanted a word that reflected the story and characters but still sounded interesting and different.  Once you read the book the title will come full circle and it’ll make a lot of sense as to why it’s called that.


About “In Perpetuum”:


Fifteen year old Athena Jones is like every other teenage girl. She has friends, hates babysitting and goes to high school. But on the night her parents are murdered, she meets handsome, happy-go-lucky Jack, and everything changes. She receives a letter from her Mom warning her not to contact friends, family or authorities. Suddenly Jack and Athena are thrust into a dangerous game. Her parent’s murderers are hell-bent on capturing them, and will go to terrifying lengths to do it. Chased into the wintery forest, they discover who they are and the risks they’re willing to take to protect each other. A profound story about growing up, first love and finding yourself in a nightmarish world.

Find “In Perpetuum” for sale at Xlibris.com, Amazon.com, and at Barnes & Noble. For more of her work, go to LFASbluedogpress.com and check out her weekly novel, “The Parish.”



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