“The Nightcrawler” Movie Review.

December 17, 2014

Movie Reviews


Erica Won, Movie Reviewer


In any hybrid you’re looking for the best of both worlds. For instance, there’s a dog, one bred for service. The goal of the breeding is to combine the intelligence of the one dog with the low-key temperament of the other. The risk of the new breed is getting the reverse and having a useless dog. The same applies to movies, such as blending two genres being “thriller” and “comedy.” If executed well, it can land safely. If not, well, the movie ends up becoming a waste of  money.

The incontestable film “The Nightcrawler” intertwines both the cruel reality and dark satire into one familiar L.A. setting while starring Gyllenhaal as one of the world’s most dignified sociopaths of America. Money hungry and mastering an unsettling charisma, Lou, a jobless opportunist, displays pomposity through engaging himself into the art of filmography.

Paired together with a homeless potential, Lou and Rick capture the cold truth, stretching beyond the sanitized gore and peril that typically never is broadcast on live news. This action of risking and revealing crime scenes gradually, with each piece after the other, becomes a popular hit, displaying potential for the news show of Nina’s, a worn news director with the same ambitions as Lou of expanding her broadcast out to the world.

Using people to an advantage, and treating the law as a flexible choice, Lou demonstrates how “The Nightcrawler” truly is the perfect breeding, conjoining the pure elements of reality and drama.  Excluding Lou and the troublesome lengths he could go to lead himself to success, the movie displays a realistic background and conveys a reasonable amount of action through mundane activities.

This movie never once failed to interrupt the long chain of “what’s going to happen?” running through my mind.


WARNING for those who are sensitive to violence and blood or are not comfortable with explicit amounts of language; some may find this film offensive, or disturbing.

Released on September 26th, 2014, it is  still displayed in theatres.

by Erica Won

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