“Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” Movie Review.

February 12, 2015

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The powerful imagery throughout the movie, “Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, is one of the main merits of the popular “Lord of the Rings” franchise; however, despite it being a movie made by top director Peter Jackson, it still lacks creativity.

The third movie, concluding the Hobbit series, is the most disappointing of any of Peter Jackson’s works for a few reasons: the lack of substance and the unnecessary need to squeeze in one last movie. It was as if Peter Jackson felt the pressure to make another film so that his film crew could have some extra lunch money. The movie was based on the premise that there was going to be war, which left me feeling the adrenaline of expecting a big event; however, the war didn’t come until the last quarter of the movie. These two and a half hours could easily have been compressed into an hour and combined with the second movie.

A positive characteristic of this film is the artwork and the beautiful architecture of the set. Since such a massive premise is being morphed to fit under the camera, the small details of the characters and buildings stand out significantly in nearly every frame. Paired nicely along with the visuals, the apparel of even the most minor of characters reveals a specific persona. Elves have identical golden armour that conveys a synchronization and discipline that is juxtaposed by the dominating roles of the dwarves with their weighty and obnoxious appearance. Even the posture of the characters suit the ensemble of their design as if the material forces the actors to stay in a specific pose.

Everything merges into a fusion of invention, artistry, and unison.

Was it an enjoyable experience? Does it earn fondness from the audience? Those are all questions that are completely based on your movie preferences and specific genre preferences. The storyline is weak but the artistry is visually stimulating. The difference in these two powerful elements of this film has resulted in a split review.

Pretty to look at, but to be frank, it’s something I expect to see gathering dust in the clearance section of HMV.

3 out 5 stars  * * *

By: Erica Won.

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