“Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” Film Review.


“Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” is a short, humorous, non-vocal animation sure to get anyone watching feeling fuzzy. Released in 2014, this artistic format of displaying a love story through vinyl characters is a new and unique form of animation.

Writers and directors, Paul Foyder, Gino Roy, Mike Ambs, Greg Shewchuk, and Whitfield Scheidegger, came together to put this masterpiece together.


Vinylmation is a brand of vinyl collectables sold at select Disney retail stores. The name comes from the words “Vinyl” and “Animation”. Most figures are shaped like Mickey Mouse but have different themed markings, colours, and patterns.


In the short film, every Vinylmation character must go through a process of being painted a unique color. One Vinylmation, in particular, is unable to receive this “uniqueness”, depressing him greatly. Eventually, he learns to accept his fate after being gifted a coloured bowtie by another unpainted Vinylmation. These two grow a budding romance together before his lover is sent to a factory to look like all the other Vinylmations.

This animation illustrates the adventures of this unpainted Vinylmation, the struggles he goes through, and the strength he grows as he finds his soul mate.  The need to blend in with society’s ideals diminishes as he discovers his own way of creating his identity: by painting himself.

The compositions of Alfred Montejano are calming, bright, and suit the mood of the entire piece.  The art is simplistic yet powerful and dynamic, making use of the vibrancy and luminosity of colours to convey both hardships and happiness.

This film shows us, in the most poignant way possible, that the colours  with which we paint ourselves shouldn’t be influenced by media or modern day society.  Visually captivating,  this film will evoke the tears of its viewers.

You can enjoy a heartfelt Vinylmation love story on YouTube for $1.99 US by DisneyMoviesOnDemand.

by Erica Won

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