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Ashley Fraser (Grade 12) Chief Editor IMG_6042





IMG_6034Sehee Eom (Grade 12) Assistant Editor





IMG_6043Cassidy Lynch (Grade 11) Assistant Editor 





IMG_6033Jane Lee (Grade 12) Assistant Editor 





IMG_6027Elaine Lee (Grade 12) Assistant Editor





Rebecca Lee (Grade 11), Graphic Designer

Rebecca is an art major who used her experience in Ms. Usher’s Design class to help us create the Blue Dog logo and well as design t-shirts, business cards, buttons and other Blue Dog merchandise.

IMG_6011Taylor Amur (Grade 11) Freelance Reporter



IMG_6038Sophia Cho (Grade 11) Freelance Reporter 




IMG_6018Seung Won Chun (Grade 10) Freelance Reporter 



IMG_6071Aidan Gilmour (Grade 10) Freelance Reporter





Nicolle Gunson (Grade 10) Freelance Reporter 



IMG_6029Charlotte Hunter (Grade 10) Freelance Reporter 




IMG_6014Lily Jia (Grade 9) Freelance Reporter 





IMG_6036Sasha Lai (Grade 11) Freelance Reporter 





IMG_6030Ava Lapena (Grade 10) Freelance Reporter 





IMG_6020Yejee Pae (Grade 11) Freelance Reporter




IMG_6035Kyro Plaviak (Grade 8) Freelance Reporter 





IMG_6015Jennifer Shim (Grade 11) Freelance Reporter 







Grace Kennedy(Graduated Class ’12), Founder and Chief Editor

Grace is a Grad

e 12 Writing Major. She enjoys playing and singing in the music ensembles, as well as filling up her free time with school work and reading. She plans on going into journalism after high school.

Elizibeth Ashton (Graduated Class ’12), Founder and Editor

Elizibeth is a Grade 12 Writing Major. She enjoys writing in her spare time, working hard at her schoolwork and is an avid hockey fan. She hopes to attend UBC’s Creative Writing program next fall in addtion to an eventual law degree. Writing is her greatest passion and she plans to finish her first novel by next summer.

Arden Holmes (Graduated Class ’12), Founder and Editor

Arden is a Grade 12 Writing Major. She enjoys being a part of PKSS and Restorative Action. As well, she enjoys skiing in the winter and volunteering after school. She plans on becoming an elementary school teacher after graduating.



Rebecca Niccolato (Graduated Class ’12), Founder and Editor

Rebecca is a grade 12 student at Langley Fine Arts School. She loves to play s

ports. Even when she gets injured, she doesn’t let that stop her from going to practices to watch her team; they are like her family.  She plays rugby, competitively swims, and has previously played sport water polo.


Cassie Probert (Graduated Class ’12), Staff

Cassie Probert is a grade twelve writing major who enjoys her animals. She plans on going to veterinary school after graduation, and to volunteer at the animal shelter. She also plans on going to school for event planning.


Lucy Clarkson (Graduated Class ’12), Staff

Lucy Clarkson is a music major with a passion for the production and promotion of local music. Lucy enjoys driving, singing, drinking coffee and her Macbook pro. Lucy will be attending UBC in fall majoring in International Relations hoping to one day combine her love of music with her passion for the world.

Ms. Alison Stuart, Vice-Principal, Heritage Park High School.   Special thanks to Ms. Stuart who spent countless hours helping us  construct this site.

Ms. Knittel, Writing Major 11/12 teacher – Blue Dog Teacher Contact.   Please contact me at silviaknittel@gmail.com or drop by Room 92 if you have any questions or concerns about this newspaper.

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